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• Your Trusted Nebulizer
• Designed for everyday use
• Delivery accurate measured doses
• Safe and Efficient

Effective Inhaler Consumption

Our device is delivering a targeted metered dose using a technology that ensures effective and rapid relief of systems in a discreet handheld device

Only 2-5 micron size droplets can effectively penetrate into the lungs. Droplets Larger than 5 microns are collected in the moth and do not enter into the lungs. This fact results in a significant loss of the medicine received by the user.

The TCI-S1 uses a novel technology to generate an aerosol with droplets mostly within 2-5 microns and efficiently delivers an accurate measured dosage of medicine in an easy to use device that gives the patients the peace of mind and freedom they want in a portable discrete handheld device.

World Population

About 10% of the population in world has asthma. Asthma is among the most frequently occurring respiratory diseases.

Canadians Diagnosed

8.1% of Canadians aged 12 and older, roughly 2.5 million people, reported (in 2014) that they had been diagnosed with asthma by a health professional.

Medical Expenses

Asthma stands for nearly 1% of the total medical expenses in the world and untreated asthma leads to unnecessary hospital visits for the asthmatic.

Total Consumption

All the droplets that are generated by the nebulizer are within 2-5 microns, they are penetrate into the lungs for treatment of the illness.

Effective Use of Medicine

BODS provides a more effective use of medicine, while, in other inhalers only about 20-30% of the medicine is effectively used for the patient.

Reduced Drug Cost

It not only reduces the drug cost but it also allows for proper treatment of illness.