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Our Total Consumption Inhaler

Our inhaler uses an ultrasonic atomization technology, in which the vibration of a piezoelectric crystal at Mega Hertz frequencies causes that the liquid breaks into small droplets.

Portable, pocket-size and battery operated

Silent, one-button operation enabling discreet use

Efficient medication deposition in the lungs

360° operation makes inhalation possible in any position

Our Breakthrough

We have designed a novel total consumption inhaler that can generate an aerosol that all its droplets are within 2 to 5 microns. This is the particle size needed to allow the drug to penetrate into the lungs for proper absorption. As the drugs become more and more expensive, a total consumption inhaler becomes of importance. In addition, since it is not clear how of the drug actually penetrates into the lungs, the user does not know the exact drug dosage. The present total consumption inhaler allows one to know the exact amount of the drug dosage, since all of the drug that is formed into an aerosol enters the lungs.

Total Consumption

All the droplets that are generated by the nebulizer are within 2-5 microns, they are penetrate into the lungs for treatment of the illness.

Effective Use of Medicine

BODS provides a more effective use of medicine, while, in other inhalers only about 20-30% of the medicine is effectively used for the patient.

Reduced Drug Cost

It not only reduces the drug cost but it also allows for proper treatment of illness.