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Abbas Ostadalipour

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Abbas Ostadalipour
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He completed his Medical Degree in 1994, and has more than 20 years of experience in the medical field and medical devices.

I am an Anesthesiologist Professor with 17 years of experience in the general surgery, obstetric and plastic surgery. Highly skilled in pediatric and ophthalmologic surgery extraordinary decision-making skills and critical thinking capabilities for 9 years. I am executive director and Inspector in Brelian Health Company from 2012.10. Recently, I have also been part of a start-up project and companies in Iran, from 2019.04, with some of my colleague, we organize a Partnership contract, “Houshmand Tarh Persian”, to run a start-up project in health field which is related to respiratory and Asthma disease in Iran, with a new invent Technology we would bring a revolutionary in inhalers and cures for these patients. In this regard, we registered a company in Canada,” SOSD Health & amp; Medical Innovations Inc.” from 2020.04

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