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Ali Darbandi

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Ali Darbandi
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With B.Sc. degree in Physics 1985, has a wide range of industrial experiences. His expertise, interests and resources has contributed to the development of the present inhaler.

Manager with +20 years of experience in the commercial management. Effective communicator with the ability to foster close relationships with workers and promote team unity. Capable of coordinating both large and small tasks and ensuring that each team member contributes. Vast understanding of the financial, organizational, and operational aspects of supervising others in the retail industry. Fully committed to helping employees succeed while honoring the overall vision of the company. Also experienced within procurement management ranging from raw materials, component parts, indirect services, and strategic outsourcing. Proven ability to lead cross-functional teams, negotiate contracts, develop long term commodity strategies, utilize e-sourcing tools, manage working capital, complete cost analysis, and source from low-cost countries. Looks for opportunities to grow a business, whether through partnerships or new initiatives, and works to take advantage of those opportunities.

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