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Ali Sadeghinia

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Ali Sadeghinia
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He is a Mechanical Engineering with specialty in Fluid mechanics. He received his B.Eng. in 2004 and has been working in the field of fluid engineering since then. His expertise and know how has resulted in the development of the current device.

I am an experienced mechanical engineer with well developed skills, and I have 16 years presidency of management, sales, and marketing. I have 5 years antecedent in production line as a product and director manager. In addition, I was superior quality inspector and supervisor on behalf of Cement and steel companies in a lot of local manufacturing companies. Recently, I have also been part of several start-up projects and companies in Iran, including “Showcase Online Sales” which is similar to Shopify and “Panel for taking appointments” for dentistry patients and “Portable EKG Device” , But from 2018, with some of my esteemed friends, we agreed and signed a Partnership contract, “Houshmand Tarh Persian”, to run a new start-up project in health field which related to respiratory and ASTHMA illness in Iran, which with this our breakthrough Technology we would bring a revolutionary in inhalers and cures for these patients. After making sure that this project was technically and medically successful, we decided to register and implement this project in Canada and continue the other process there. In this regard, we registered a company in Canada,” SOSD Health & Medical Innovations Inc.”.

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