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Armin Sahba

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Armin Sahba
Sales and Marketing manager
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He has extensive background in health care management. This group not only have the expertise in device development, but also have personal interest in this device, because of their own family issues with asthma.

I am an experienced Physiotherapist, with 16 years of experience in terms of Musculoskeletal, Neuromuscular and Respiratory disorders. Recently, I have also been part of a start-up project and companies in Iran, from 2019, with one of my old friends, we formed a Partnership contract, “Houshmand Tarh Persian”, to run a new start-up project in the health field which is related to respiratory and ASTHMA disorder, with a new Technology we would bring a revolutionary in inhalers and cures for these patients. After making sure that this project was technically and medically successful, in this regard, we registered a company in Canada,” SOSD Health company” from 2020.04

Specialty Sales and Marketing manager
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